Croustille Québec

This year at the Otakuthon, we made steampunk costume ^-^ I’m in the right

I need to do his faceup. I’m scared

Oswego et Centralia pendant mes vacances ^-^


Hola Dudes and Dudettes, its giveaway time! (Woo! Its been ages!)

Just this week I got in a small heap of slightly misprinted keychains which I’d be uncomfortable selling but still make pretty nice prizes- I’m keeping a few back for conventions and things so even if you don’t win one here you’ll have more chances~ The misprint is that they’ve come out a little greyer and lighter than usual, but they’re still pretty cool.


  • Comments, Likes and Reblogs all count for a total of 3 entries!
  • Gotta be following this blog (I mean why would you want my art anyways if you weren’t?)
  • I’ll ship to anywhere in the world!
  • Giveaway ends 21st June (1 week)


  1. 1st Place: Any of the above badge sets and any keychain!*
  2. 2nd Place: Any of the above badge sets and any misprinted keychain!
  3. Runners up (3 people): Any misprinted keychain!

*Subject to availability dudes, if a keychain design sells out in the next week or so I won’t have any more for a while. You can see the badges & keychains in more detail over on my Storenvy.

Keychains: Hannibal, Will Graham, Newton Geiszler, Hermann Gottlieb, Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Daenerys Targaryen, Thranduil, Castiel and Spock.

Misprinted Keychains: Will Graham, Newton Geiszler, Thranduil, Castiel & Spock

Good Luck chaps!

Found One little desk yesterday!

Found One little desk yesterday!

Thanks you very much for the gift! It’s adorable from you Latte!

And I love the picture in the cart of the doll from Soom. I just buy an Ai from soom yesterday. The candle are sweet! It’s a perfect gift with a good cup of tea. ^-^

Thanks Britt and Latte

I received for christmas the movie Howl’s Moving Castle!




Hello Latte fans! Latte wants to give back to all of his wonderful fans this holiday season with a fun Latte-themed gift bundle.

Included in the International gift bundle is 1 holiday lunch tin, 3 packs of stickers, 2 Britt Miscast Photography cards, 1 pack of chocolate truffle candles, 1 giant cupcake candle, 1 love candle set, and a personalized holiday card from Latte and myself.

Included in the U.S. gift bundle is a $5 Starbucks gift card, 1 holiday lunch tin, 3 packs of stickers, 2 Britt Miscast Photography cards, 1 coffee cup candle, 1 love candle set, and a personalized holiday card from Latte and myself.


  1. You must be following this blog (latteloveslatte) to be eligible to win.
  2. You must re-blog this blog post at least once with this comment: “(Insert your country) loves Latte!” (Example: “Norway loves Latte!”) This is so I can determine which gift bundle you will receive if you win.
  3. You may re-blog this once per day up until December 25th when the contest ends. Likes do not count.
  4. Winners will be chosen on December 25th.

I wanted very badly to also offer the Starbucks gift card to the International winner, but unfortunately many countries do not accept U.S. gift cards. Hope you all will understand.

Have fun and good luck!!!

xoxo Britt & Latte

Many thanks to all who have entered thus far! Latte is surprised to see how many wonderful international fans he has. :)

Remember, you can re-blog this once per day to increase your chances of winning!

xoxo Britt & Latte

Quebec loves LATTE!
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